Mexican Americans and Ethiopians

Differences in culture & communication Core Values Mexican AmericansEthiopians - Family (typically large)- Hosting parties- Hospitality- Respect for elders- Quinceaneras- Literature- respect- rules and regulations- Religion Religious Belief Systems Mexican AmericansEthiopians - Catholic (priests)- Health Practices- Protestant- Virgin Mary-Many different faiths-Christianity 62.8%- Islam 33.9% Gender Roles Mexican AmericansEthiopians - male dominance- sexism- Women cook/ Care … Continue reading Mexican Americans and Ethiopians

My Final Video Assignment. For my final draft video story, I was still inspired by my motivation to stay fit. I am always going to be making these workout videos regardless, as a way to track my progress, or to see if I am going downhill. One of my friends recorded the first video clip, and I got … Continue reading My Final Video Assignment.