My Final Video Assignment.

For my final draft video story, I was still inspired by my motivation to stay fit. I am always going to be making these workout videos regardless, as a way to track my progress, or to see if I am going downhill. One of my friends recorded the first video clip, and I got her permission to use it in this project. The other pictures and video clip was taken by me. Also, the music that is used during the pictures was taken from creative commons and I will insert the link at the end.

This design was significant because it shows clips of exercising, which is a big part of how I stay busy and healthy. Although it is not directly related to Paleo, it is directly related to staying active. In the first video clip I wanted to show that working out doesn’t have to be boring. Which is what I really emphasized in my final draft. In my final draft, I included voice overs that explained just what I was trying to show! I showed and stated in my final draft that you can workout with your friends, and make it interesting. The pictures in between the videos just show the gym and pictures of myself at the gym. Which I did as music to along with the rest of the video in places where my voice was not present. The last clip shows me doing one handed pushups. This is definitely not my best set, however it was just meant to show and talk about why I incorporated this into my final draft. In my rough draft I stated that I would include a voice over and that is exactly what I did. I think it goes very well with the video.

My storyboard did change somewhat from my first draft to my final draft.

Here is an update of my story board!

Sample Storyboard: What I do in my workouts (not full routines) 

Visual ElementsAudio Elements
0:00-0:05  Intro to my videoA voice over of the introduction.
0:05-0:34 I go for the first squat, come back up, and repeat. The whole squat portion of the videoMy voice over talking about the portion of the video including my friend and the squat rack.
0:34-0:39 pictures of the gym and myselfBackground music.
0:39-1:14 Video starts with me getting ready to do one handed push ups, and then starting the one handed push ups.  I try to do a different push up exercise, and then stop doing push ups. Another voice over talking about the pushups
1:14-1:17 The ending title page.The ending of another ambient sound.

Therefore, for this project I made a video story to incorporate working out as another way to stay healthy besides eating paleo. In order to make this video I used the razor tool in premiere to make sure all of my videos fit the time requirement and they went in the order that I wanted them to. I also used the import option during my final draft to import all of the audio that I used as voice overs and also the background music for parts when I was not speaking. Surprisingly for this project I did not encounter as many problems, however I wasn’t able to include the original audio from the videos in my first draft which turned out fine because I ended up using voice overs. I preferred talking in my voice than the original audio anyways! It ended up not being that big of a deal because I had some ideas for the audio of my final draft! I am very pleased with the turnout of this final video assignment.  

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