Mexican Americans and Ethiopians

Differences in culture & communication

Core Values

Mexican AmericansEthiopians
– Family (typically large)
– Hosting parties
– Hospitality
– Respect for elders
– Quinceaneras
– Literature
– respect
– rules and regulations
– Religion

Religious Belief Systems

Mexican AmericansEthiopians
– Catholic (priests)
– Health Practices
– Protestant
– Virgin Mary
-Many different faiths
-Christianity 62.8%
– Islam 33.9%

Gender Roles

Mexican AmericansEthiopians
– male dominance
– sexism
– Women cook/ Care for children
– men work outside (agriculture)
– Women in charge of household

verbal and non verbal communication

Mexican AmericansEthiopians
– hugs for greeting (even men)
– not a lot of personal space
– open in communication
– polite to keep hands by sides when talking
– quick nods= agreement
– slow nods= sorrow
– romantic affection rarely seen

Communication Contexts

Mexican AmericansEthiopians
High Context culture
– Collectivistic
Verbal messages
high context culture
communicate more implicitly

Mexican Americans and education:

From personal knowledge about the past, most Mexicans did not grow up thinking that education is the most important thing. However in recent times it is more common that Mexicans Americans are going to college.

Mexican Americans in health care:

Mexican Americans receive the same amount of health care in the United States as any other citizen. I do think that it is less common for Mexican Americans to go to the doctors than other races.

Mexican Americans in Business:

Many don’t own their own big businesses, however Mexican Americans can be great business individuals. Some own their own food businesses and some own ranches.

Some issues could be that Mexican Americans should be more involved in the health care systems and educations system. The opportunities lie in the business world.

Ethiopians in education

In Ethiopia religion and education are highly connected.

Ethiopia and health care:

Health care in Ethiopia is not great. The conditions are not sanitary, and most people in Ethiopia have aids.

Business in Ethiopia revolves around agriculture.

Some issues concerning Ethiopia is the fact that they have bad health and not a long life expectancy.

The opportunities they have are because of their agriculture skills.

Some strategies to improve communication would be for the Mexican Americans to become more involved in health care and education. Strategies for Ethiopians would be to come up with ways to get rid of all their health problems.

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