My name is Maya Garza, I am a second semester sophomore here at WSU, and I am thrilled to share a sneak peak of the busy life of Maya.

In my spare time I am never resting. You will never catch me just laying around. If I’m not eating or working in some sort… there is a high chance that I am at the gym. I love working out and maintaining my Paleo diet, which has been a big part of my life for two years and seven months now! CRAZY! However I’m a big foodie, and a lover of good snacks and conversation: ) I definitely love staying busy, I’m a water baby for sure, but you can catch me planning something to do in every season ha.

As far as a career plan goes, I plan to certify as a communications major by the end of this semester! This wasn’t always my plan…. see I thought I had my whole life planned by the age of six, but I guess when you’re that age everything seems practical. My somewhat revised plan is to graduate and quickly jump into the workforce. I anticipate working in Human Resources, not what I imagined at six by the way. Nevertheless, I couldn’t be more excited.