Reflection Blog Post. (Final Post)

Com 210 has been a great learning experience, I have never taken a class like this before. all of the assignments that required the use of software honestly challenged me, and I feel like I learned new skills that I would’ve never learned if I hadn’t taken this class.

Although I feel like this class was not for me because I am not a tech person, I did take a particular interest in the audio project. Out of all the projects, the audio one was my favorite because I enjoyed doing the interviews, and even setting up the interview for one of the tutorials. Another reason why the audio story project was my favorite is because I enjoy talking, and it was interesting to hear the final project that I created. It was something new that I had never done before.

In the future, I’m not exactly sure what computer skills I will need, however the knowledge that I have gained from this class would definitely come in handy if I ever need it. No matter what, computer skills are always great to have. That’s why I am glad that this class was a good refresher for my organization skills, and other simple skills like saving work. This class also pushed me to learn about software that I had never used before. I’m glad I was exposed to utilizing a computer in a way that was new to me because I usually have zero patience for computers. After taking this class I feel a little more comfortable working with computers, and also doing simple things like saving and exporting files. Before this class most computer tasks were foreign to me.

 In the near future I plan to obtain a degree in communication and a minor in business management. With that, I hope to become a successful HR in any organization that I am drawn at the time of my job search. However, sometime in the distant future once I have some experience in the field, I hope to be the HR of a company that works with people that have mental disabilities and their families.

The organizational and creativity skills that I have learned in this class have motivated me even more by increasing my confidence. Now I can actually see myself striving to organize my dream career.

I cannot think of a skill that I would have liked to learn in this class, but did not learn. Also, I did not find any outside sources to use for this class. 

Overall, I am very pleased with the turnout of this class!

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