Draft Audio Story Assignment.

For this audio project my inspiration was my Paleo lifestyle, which is a strict way of eating that not a lot of people agree with.

All of the audio that I used in my project was recorded by me. I chose to narrate the first part of the recording with a little insight on Paleo, and then I recorded feedback from two others that are very close to me.

The significance of this audio was to talk a little bit about Paleo, make a statement, and then receive feedback from who I wanted opinions from. In order to make this project I made three separate recordings. In audition I edited them to sound like they went together in order. I even had to work with the volumes to make sure one of the recordings was not way quieter than the others.

I feel like this project relates to my topic very well because throughout this semester I have been incorporating my paleo lifestyle in all of my projects. This audio sends the message about Paleo being healthy, and that is what I have been trying to convey in my projects.

To create the elements in my project, the first step was to record the opinions of the two people I chose to offer feedback. The following steps were to put the recordings together, and make them sound as put together as I could. In audition I used the razor tool to cut the ends of the recordings so that there was no empty space between each response. Because of the razor blade tool, it sounded as if each recording came right after each other.

One challenge I encountered when using adobe was that one of my recordings was way quieter than the others, so I had to figure out how to move the volumes to match each other, and then I had to make a new file that included the updated recording with the right volumes. After that I was content with my first draft.

Once again I have full ownership of all of the recordings that I used.

One thought on “Draft Audio Story Assignment.

  1. I believe that my project is off to a great start because I have incorporated other voices and my recording goes very well with my paleo topic. I feel like I had a good idea when I decided to make this story up, and get responses from others to incorporate other voices. Aside from the good, I do have a lot of things that I could improve. for one, I would like to have an intro and a great way to end my story. I think that I have good projection and voice when I am telling my story. The way I would want to improve is to edit the spaces where it switches from person to person. The transitions in my story need to be improved and become clearer. It is small changes like making my transitions seamless that I want to work on for the final draft. also ambient sound would enhance my project. I used other voices in my draft, but I want to add other sounds as well.


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