Draft video Story.

First video draft.

For this draft video story, I was inspired by my motivation to stay fit. I am always making these kind of videos anyways as a way to track progress or to see if I am going downhill. One of my friends recorded the first video clip, and I got her permission to use it in this project. The other pictures and video clip was taken by me. Also, the music that is used during the pictures was taken from creative commons and I will insert the link at the end.

This design was significant because it shows clips of exercising, which is a big part of how I stay busy and healthy. Although it is not directly related to Paleo, it is directly related to staying active. In the first video clip I wanted to show that working out doesn’t have to be boring. You can workout with your friends, and make it interesting. The pictures in between the videos just show the gym and pictures of myself at the gym. The last clip shows me doing one handed pushups. This is definitely not my best set, however it was just meant to show and talk about why I do these, and why I like them. The audio was not added to the video clip, but I intend to have audio over the clips in my final.

My storyboard has changed compared to my first one the first video clip got trimmed down to 29 seconds. Right after the first video clip is a series of three pictures with music in the background. After that is the last video clip. Here is my updated storyboard.

Sample Storyboard: What I do in my workouts (not full routines) 

Visual ElementsAudio Elements
0:00-0:10  I get underneath the barbell, position it on my shoulders, and prepare to squat.The audio elements at the time are the sounds of the gym in the background, and my friend talking to me.
0:10-0:15 I go for the first squat, come back up, and repeat.The audio during this time is still the gym noise in the background, and my friend alexis is counting the number of squats I had done.
0:15-0:25  I continue to do more squats, and I started to look a little tired.My friend comments on how I am doing she said “Dang” haha and then she continues to count and make comments.
0:25-0:29 In the video you see the squats becoming challenging for me, and I am trying not to laugh at what my friend is telling me. My friend who recorded this video says, “five!” she tells me to “go go” She also tells me in spanish, “Another Another.”
0:29-0:34 a series of three pictures. the first one is workout equipment. The next two are gym selfies.The audio is music downloaded from creative commons.
0:34-0:59 Video starts with me getting ready to do one handed push ups, and then starting the one handed push ups.I explain what I am doing and how. Then I explain how I do pushups with my right hand.
0:59-1:09 I try to do a different push up exercise, and then stop doing push ups. Then I explain a tip on how to do a one handed push up, and I state how I would like to improve.

Therefore, for this project I made a video story to incorporate working out as another way to stay healthy besides eating Paleo. In order to make this video I used the razor tool in premiere to make sure all of my videos fit the time requirement and they went in the order that I wanted them to. Surprisingly for this project I did not encounter as many problems, however I wasn’t able to include the original audio from the videos. This is not that big of a deal because I have some ideas for the audio in my final draft!


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