Final Graphic Design Project.

My first draft was a good start, and since then I have not altered the main goal or idea concerning this project. This project still relates to my topic because it shows the important pieces of my lifestyle. I have still incorporated a sneak peak of the yoga I like to do, and I did not remove the examples of the Paleo meals I’ve made and ate in the past.

My yoga pose pictures and foodie pics remained the same along with the added picture of myself with a book… The feedback that I was given inspired me to work on blending my pictures together more effectively, and also taking the time to utilize as many of the tools as I could. After taking the time to look through the tools on photo shop again I decided to play with the effects and the colors of my project. For my revision I decided to change up the gradients, posterize my image, and change the contrasts and brightness. When I was happy with the new colors I worked once again with the blurring tools and found different versions of this tool. I was happy with the turn out once again!

In my previous design process I was inspired to use the Text Tool, and share a quote. The reason behind the quote was simple. I became a “fan” of new beginnings, and the lighthearted quote happened to catch my eye so I went with it. It was CUTE! ( This remains mostly true)

The research I did for this Graphic was simple I just chose pictures that connected with my topic. I found it easy to collect photos that captured my lifestyle because they were already on hand. I have been very dedicated to the way that I live for a while now.

I found significance in blurring my pictures, and trying to mold them together. To do this I first embedded and placed all the pictures where I wanted them. As I was editing I blurred where I needed to, and adjusted the colors when I inserted the text boxes.

After doing that the gist of my feedback was to clearly make my pictures work together, and to make my topic of paleo more clear to people who may not know what it is. I will definitely be sure to explain more of what Paleo is.

I feel like my process on photo shop was fairly simple in editing my pictures. I enjoyed lightening specific areas to add effect, and the blurring was the technique I used to bring the pictures together. Also when I came back to revise I learned even more on how to edit the colors and add different kinds of effects.


I didn’t encounter many problems with the software, I just did what I could to make the picture more meaningful to myself  My tip is: Just do what you feel makes the images come alive. Allow the images to speak for themselves. Also, it really did help coming back to revise after taking in some feedback!

I owned all of these pictures.

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