The first draft of my Logo :)

For this project I decided to create a chicken leg and insert a quote. My logo includes a chicken leg saying “ Paleo: It’s a no grainer.” I thought this quote was perfect for my logo because It’s a fun quote that goes along very well with my topic. It’s not very serious, and it shows character.

This project idea relates to my course topic because it involves the Paleo diet, and gives an example of what Paleo is.

In order to create this logo, I had to draw it out using the pen. Pictures were not allowed, honestly this worried me a little because I am the worst at drawing, and I do not believe that I have a single creative bone in my body. Drawing this was a struggle, but I did my best. I used the pen tool to draw everything out, and then I filled the shapes with color. I also managed to add the text which was pretty simple. 

I was inspired to create this logo by the other chicken logos that I had seen online.

Color was significant to my logo. Coloring the chicken leg brown made it more realistic. It’s also significant how the quote goes along with the food that I chose to include in this logo. It made sense to include the chicken leg because it is a symbol for the Paleo diet.

For this project I used the eraser tool, the pen tool, the text tool, the color fill tool, I changed the font, I changed the text size, I used the curvature tool, and a couple other tools for some last minute touches. For example at the end I fit my circular logo to fit the page completely.

The problems I encountered with this project were minor, but that is because I kept my first draft simple. My main issue is coming up with a creative idea. To solve this issue, I plan to dedicate a lot of time to my final draft. I’m positive that there is so much more that I can do with this idea. This idea is a very solid start I just need to work on expanding it, and adding more creative details.

The following link is where I found the quote I included in my logo.

2 thoughts on “The first draft of my Logo :)

  1. Maya- I think you have a topic that you can develop nicely with more thought. I think your design could benefit from going back to Step 1: Get Organized, and really flesh-out what you want to communicate and how your design will “resonate emotionally”. A paleo diet is a lifestyle choice for perceived healthy lifestyle benefits, right? What are those benefits? It’s not clear to me in your rough draft.
    Through Creative Commons, I think you can find photographs that can convey the benefits of the “No Grainer” choice of going Paleo using photos over words, which will support and strengthen your statement next the the ol’ chicken leg. I then think you could complement the Creative Commons photographs by using your own artwork or photographs of Paleo food choices to further convey a message about the benefits of Paleo. In summary, I think go back and develop your idea more first, then create it! I think developing your idea more will help you to take advantage of the design principles mentioned in our readings for class and fill-in the white spaces of your design. Good luck.


  2. I definitely think that this is a good start to your project. You definitely could have added more images to the picture. Also, some brighter colors would add a nice touch to your picture. I feel like all the browns make the picture a little bit bland. The speech bubble is a good touch and the chicken leg because it does relate to your topic well. You could have spiffed up the text a bit and used a funky font instead of just a regular font. I think it is cool that you use the pen tool to draw this all out. Personally, I am not the best at adobe photoshop, so I think that’s awesome that you were able to do that. The creativity is very cool, and it shows that you put a lot of thought into this project. You are on the right track to finishing your project.


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