The Final Draft of My Logo Project!

The first block is the actual final draft… when It was confirmed that actual images couldn’t be part of the logo. Three blocks below were just part of the process not the final product.

Previously, my first draft for the logo project only included a chicken leg and an inserted quote. I know what you’re thinking that seems bland! However, although these two pieces still remain, my logo has greatly improved in my opinion. My final draft logo now includes more color and a new image. Along with the new colors and image I also decided to add more perfect text to my logo. I decided to add more color based on the feedback that I received.

The comments were really helpful in giving me ideas on how to revise. The comments from my peers mainly consisted of telling me to add more images of food so that the point of my logo is clear. Other suggestions were to fill up the empty space with color and to make the benefits of Paleo clearer in the blog post.

After revising and editing, I feel even more confident that this project relates to my course topic because it portrays the Paleo lifestyle very well, and gives many examples of what Paleo is. 

To elaborate on the Paleo lifestyle… Here are some benefits to switching to paleo:

More energy

A healthier heart

Weight loss

Those are just a few there are many more benefits to eating Paleo 🙂

Previously, when I made my first draft all I did was use the pen on illustrator to create my image because I was unaware that we could utilize are own photos. After receiving feedback I was thrilled that I could add in my personal images In order to reinvent my logo. Therefore, my first draft was a struggle, but I did my best. I used the pen tool to draw everything out, and then I filled the shapes with color. I also managed to add the text which was pretty simple.

To reinvent my new draft I used the fill tool to add colors and I added an image that Is significant to me. I also used the text tool to add more meaningful text that applies to my topic.

Originally, I was inspired to create my first draft by chicken logos that I had seen online. My final draft is inspired by my original and my own images thanks to my peers for giving me the feedback that I needed!

Color is significant to my logo. For example coloring the chicken leg brown made it more realistic. The quotes are also important because they go along with the food images that I chose to include in this logo. Also choosing more images for my final draft was significant in order to show more about Paleo.

Overall, for my rough draft and final draft, I used the eraser tool, the pen tool, the text tool, the color fill tool, I changed the font, I changed the text size, I used the curvature tool, and a couple other tools for some last minute touches.

The problems I encountered with my first draft and my final draft were minor. Previously, I said that my first draft was simple, and that was true because it’s hard for me to be creative. However, when revising and creating my final draft I paid attention to the feedback that I received and I was able to expand my idea and add more creative details like I wanted!

The following link is where I found the quote I included in my logo.

The other Images that were included were my own personal images, taken by me. however I realized that the project did not allow for personal images. Therefore the final draft of my logo is the very first block of this post. Enjoy 🙂

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