Introducing the Busy B Paleo Gym Rat

In this introductory post I will introduce my topic for this semester’s blog. In which I’m very excited to share with you all…  “My Life as a Paleo Gym Rat.” The reason why I chose this for my topic is plain and simple, I’m Paleo and I’m also a big (small) gym rat. I’ll explain…  

I have been on this paleo journey for two years and seven months now. It’s my wierd, impressive, and rigid lifestyle. It’s not always fun, however it has become a big part of who I am. I have always been an excessive planner/organizer, so this lifestyle change was the ultimate task to plan. Not to mention a challenge, which I’m a sucker for.

I’ve always enjoyed planning my own workouts and finding different ways to stay active, so when this Paleo idea popped in my head and started to roll, I went along with it. Now i’m kinda stuck on it. 

In short, with this blog I hope to show my experiences in being active while maintaining the non-dairy wheatless lifestyle. Its great.

I plan to show my journey as a paleo gym rat by collecting pictures of paleo meals that I’ve eaten in the past, and also more recent meals during my time in college. I also have a couple ridiculous sob stories to tell… Just so you know, not every meal is…what the majority of people consider to be a meal. Don’t worry I love being this way. It’s definitely not for everyone, and that’s why I do it.

As far as video footage goes, I would love to collect all of my short video clips of my own workouts. I like to think I’m pretty damn good at push ups. (insert Rocky quote here) I’m also a big fan of yoga, and really like to impress myself when I can force myself to hold the pose just long enough to capture it. Boom. Yogi. So I will definitely be including some of my previous captured poses, and I suppose I should capture some new ones! right?

In addition to the ideas I have for showing my Paleo journey, I have some ideas for the unit projects as well. For unit 2 I plan to combine the picture of a leg press machine and a chicken leg, here’s why. 

The reason I’m using a leg press and a chicken wing for my logo is because, first of all, the leg press is my favorite thing to do at the gym. Everyday is LEG DAY. Secondly, I feel that the chicken leg is one of the best representations of the Paleo diet/lifestyle. The paleo diet is basically what the cavemen used to eat. In my mind I can imagine the cavemen walking around with a larger than life sized chicken leg. I also kinda just think of the Flintstones… I don’t actually know what the Flintstones ate though hmm. All I know is that I’m a meat eater, and this might be biased or hypocritical to say, but how do vegans and vegetarians survive? Carne’ is good 😦 That being said, this is why I have chosen to display my logo using a picture of a chicken leg and a leg press. 

For unit four, my plan is to put together a complication of my gym workouts and meals. This might be an interesting one because although 87% of my meals are 100% made up by me, most of the ideas originated from pinterest haha, so they are the strange ones not me 🙂   

Here are some of my inspirations: I found this link to be very helpful to me because it shows several different paleo meals and includes the recipes as well! I found this link to be very inspiring to me because this site includes a variety of workouts, motivational quotes, ultimate paleo grocery lists, and plenty other awesomes tips to try! I recommend this site! I was inspired by this site because it explains unique and healthy ways to lose weight and stay lean. 

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